Version 1.1 Has Arrived!

After a long delay, we finally have a version that is properly formatted for iPhone 5 screens. Here are some more details:

  • Startup time is faster.
  • The Game Center code has been updated for iOS 7.
  • We fixed a lot of bugs, some that might have allowed a player to cheat.
  • If you have a 64-bit device, such as an iPad Air or iPhone 5s, you should see an even bigger speed increase.

Fixes Are Here!

Thank you to everyone who sent in detailed information about their problems with Game Center! We have fixed the bugs and a new version (1.0.9) is now available! Among the fixes:

• Fixed a bug where Game Center games would sometimes become unplayable.
• Fixed a bug where “Rematch!” wasn’t working.
• Fixed a bug where long games (more than 128 moves) would become garbled. If you have a game like this, the new version will allow you to continue playing it.


Problems with Game Center?

Are you having problems playing with other people via Game Center? If so, please send us an email describing the problem and what you were doing before it happened. We have tested the app and have not been able to find a problem with Game Center games. So we need your help! Hopefully your report will point us towards the problem and a fix for it.

1.0.8 Has Arrived!

Here are the new features of 1.0.8:

*** Now requires iOS 6 ***

Almost all of our users are already using iOS 6, so this shouldn’t be a problem. If you cannot upgrade to iOS 6 for some reason, keep the previous version of the game.

We now make better use of iOS 6’s new Game Center features.

Thank You!

War at Sea has been around for a year now, and people are still buying it and playing it! Thank you for your support, and we are very happy that people continue to enjoy it.

And welcome to everyone who bought the game during our one year anniversary free promo! Let your friends know about the game so you can play head-to-head with them.

And remember, if you have a problem or discover a bug, you can always write to us here (keep in mind that we only speak English and will have to use Google Translate if you write to us in another language.)

War at Sea 1.0.7 Has Arrived!

The new version is live on the App Store!

This new version adds a Japanese translation, so if you have friends in Japan, challenge them to a game!

The “Game Center Games” button, which you press to see any current and past Game Center games, now has a badge on it. The badge shows the number of games where it’s your turn to make a move.

The big Game Center problem from late May/early June appears to have been fixed by Apple. We’ve added in some code so, should it ever happen again, you’ll see an error message.

Happy sinkings!

Game Center Problems (UPDATE)

UPDATE: From late May until the second week of June, there was a bug in Game Center that prevented “your turn” notifications from appearing. Apple has fixed the problem.

We are aware of some problems with Game Center games. We’re working with Apple to fix these as quickly as possible!

War at Sea 1.0.6 is Live! Bug Fixes!

Here are the highlights:

• Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a crash when starting or resuming a Game Center game.

• Your background music is no longer muted by the game.

• Added a volume slider for the game’s sound effects.

• The Support website should now appear in the language you’re using to play the game.

• The app launches a little faster.

War at Sea 1.0.5 Has Arrived!

This version contains a number of bug fixes as well as some great new graphics!

The iPlayer is now smarter about using sonar, and smarter about where it shoots.

There’s more feedback when the game is taking a while to finish a task.

We also made a number of internal changes to make the game feel more responsive.

And best of all, when shots land, there are new animations showing hits, sinkings, and even misses! These really add to the game!

While there aren’t any new graphics specifically for the new iPad, our testers tell us the game looks spectacular on the giant Retina Display. (Of course, we’ve had Retina graphics for the iPhone 4/4S since day one.)

Play and enjoy!

Setting Up Game Center

Thousands of players from around the world are playing War at Sea against other people every day. Why not join in the fun? A human opponent will always be a bigger challenge than the iPlayer. And it’s easy to set up Game Center! Here’s how…

Tap on the Game Center app to open it. If you haven’t moved your apps around too much, it should be on the first or second page of icons.

If you’ve never used Game Center before, let’s create a new account.

If you have used Game Center before, just log in, and you’ll be connected automatically whenever you open War at Sea (and you’re done with this tutorial!)

Confirm your country. Well, that’s pretty easy.

Remember when you’re done filling in a screen to hit the “Next” button in the upper right corner.

Enter your date of birth. Apple doesn’t want toddlers playing Infinity Blade. Also, if you’re a toddler, how are you reading this? What a prodigy!

Scroll to the bottom of the Terms & Conditions and accept them. Don’t worry, all it says is that Apple gets your firstborn son, and the creators of War at Sea get the movie rights to your life.

Enter your name.

For the email address, it’s best to use the same one you normally use to log into iTunes with (open iTunes, go to the iTunes Store, and look in the upper right corner for your account info, which should include the email address you use.)

Type in a good, but easy to remember password. Do not use the word “Password,” or the internet police will come to your house and rough you up.

Enter your secret question and secret answer. This will help if you ever forget your password (“Hmmm… I know it wasn’t ‘Password…’ “)

Hey! We’re getting close!

Enter a Nickname. It’s going to be seen by hundreds of people, so make it unique, clever, but not stupid. Nobody likes a stupid Nickname.

We recommend leaving Game Invites and Public Profile set to ON. That way, when someone invites you to play, you’ll know about it. And if you make your way up the leader board, young sea captains will seek you out to prove their mettle. You, of course, will destroy them.

Now click Done!

And there you are! You can add friends, check your stats against theirs, add a picture… explore a little, it’s fun!

The next time you start War at Sea, you should see a little banner appear briefly that says “Welcome back.” You should also see the Game Center buttons become active. Now you can challenge a friend or a stranger from the far side of the world to a game!

See you on the Leaderboard!