Setting Up Game Center

Thousands of players from around the world are playing War at Sea against other people every day. Why not join in the fun? A human opponent will always be a bigger challenge than the iPlayer. And it’s easy to set up Game Center! Here’s how…

Tap on the Game Center app to open it. If you haven’t moved your apps around too much, it should be on the first or second page of icons.

If you’ve never used Game Center before, let’s create a new account.

If you have used Game Center before, just log in, and you’ll be connected automatically whenever you open War at Sea (and you’re done with this tutorial!)

Confirm your country. Well, that’s pretty easy.

Remember when you’re done filling in a screen to hit the “Next” button in the upper right corner.

Enter your date of birth. Apple doesn’t want toddlers playing Infinity Blade. Also, if you’re a toddler, how are you reading this? What a prodigy!

Scroll to the bottom of the Terms & Conditions and accept them. Don’t worry, all it says is that Apple gets your firstborn son, and the creators of War at Sea get the movie rights to your life.

Enter your name.

For the email address, it’s best to use the same one you normally use to log into iTunes with (open iTunes, go to the iTunes Store, and look in the upper right corner for your account info, which should include the email address you use.)

Type in a good, but easy to remember password. Do not use the word “Password,” or the internet police will come to your house and rough you up.

Enter your secret question and secret answer. This will help if you ever forget your password (“Hmmm… I know it wasn’t ‘Password…’ “)

Hey! We’re getting close!

Enter a Nickname. It’s going to be seen by hundreds of people, so make it unique, clever, but not stupid. Nobody likes a stupid Nickname.

We recommend leaving Game Invites and Public Profile set to ON. That way, when someone invites you to play, you’ll know about it. And if you make your way up the leader board, young sea captains will seek you out to prove their mettle. You, of course, will destroy them.

Now click Done!

And there you are! You can add friends, check your stats against theirs, add a picture… explore a little, it’s fun!

The next time you start War at Sea, you should see a little banner appear briefly that says “Welcome back.” You should also see the Game Center buttons become active. Now you can challenge a friend or a stranger from the far side of the world to a game!

See you on the Leaderboard!